Young or old, dog or cat, crazy or timid.. We can help train your pet up. Are they new to the family, need to learn a few more tricks or do they need socialising? We’ve got the skills to ease your worries.

30 Mins£10£8
1 Hour£15£13

We train in 15 minute bursts and have breaks in-between so it’s not too overwhelming for the animal. We also would love you to join in as this reinforces the commands we’ll set together!

If you’ve just got a new puppy and feel you need help walking them, we do that too! We’ll come on the first few walks with you and show you the tricks of the trade. This is great if you’re not 100% sure on what to let your pup do and how to socialise them with other dogs.

30 Mins£8
1 Hour£10
90 Mins£12

We only do one on one training to get 100% of the animals focus.

Please enquire for smaller animals.