Pop-in visit/feed

If your little (or big) friend needs feeding or even just a cuddle while you’re out, we can arrange a pop-in visit at a time that suits you. These visits also include any chores you need attending to, like taking out the bins, closing the blinds, turning lights on, etc. so there’s less to do when you’re home from a long day of work.

Prices for upto 2 dogs.

TimeUpto 2 DogsAdditional dogs
30 Mins£7.50+£3 each dog
1 Hour£9.50+£3 each dog
We also offer a half an hour walk during the hour visit for only £3 extra.

Prices for upto 3 cats.

TimeUpto 3 catsAdditional cats
30 Mins£5.50+£2 each cat
1 Hour£7.50+£2 each cat

We don’t forget about the other pets either, there’s no animal too big or too small in our eyes!

Prices for upto 2 large animals (rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, hares etc.)

TimeUpto 2Addtional
30 Mins£4+£1.50 each
1 Hour£6+£1.50 each

Prices for upto 3 small animals (hamsters, gerbils, lizards, fish etc.)

TimeUpto 3Additional
30 Mins£3+50p each
1 Hour£5+50p each

If you have a household of many different pets or you don’t need upto half an hour, just call up and we can discuss a much more suitable price.